You can listen to my work on soundscape design at this link

Weapons for the World – Export Out of Control

I was the music editor for this German Language Documentary, on behalf of the composer.


A Love Story (excerpt), Sound Design, dir. Rehana Lew Mirza

I was the sound designer and sound effects editor for this short film


Rootstrikers Ted Talk Remix, Sound Design, dir. Jordan Harrison

An animated “remix” of a Ted talk by Lawrence Lessig for


Pirates Vs. Ninjas (excerpt), Sound Design, dir. Ben Epstein

When a pirate mysteriously washed up on the Manhattan shoreline, an ancient rivalry is reignited.


Vampyr – Class Project

A five minute section of the 1932 film “Vampyr.” Temp score, sound effects editing, foley performance and editing, and sound mix by me.


Elementary – Class Project

This is my take on alternate main title music for CBS’ Sherlock Holmes update Elementary.